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MerlinMerlina Integrative medicine for children
MerlinMerlina Integrative medicine for children
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MerlinMerlina is a private medical practice for integrative medicine for children

     Integrative medicine is the movement within the medical field that brings conventional medicine and alternative or complementary medicine together. By applying integrative medicine one looks at all aspects of disease and well-being and thus at the child as a whole.


Conventional medicine mostly alleviates symptoms by ‘fighting’ them but if the underlying cause is not treated, it is possible for the symptoms, or disease to return.

Complementary medicine states that symptoms are the expression of an underlying disbalance, or dis-ease within the body. They focus mainly on the origin of a symptom and don’t fight the cause, merely re-establish a balance. A complementary approach may not suffice if symptoms are acute, for example when a child needs an operation.


Both medical disciplines have important qualities but when standing on their own they also have limitations. Together they complement each other and can enable an effective, long-lasting result.


From this integrative vision I use my knowledge of conventional medicine together with my knowledge of complementary medicine, to provide a comprehensive healthcare program for the child.

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