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MerlinMerlina Integrative medicine for children
MerlinMerlina Integrative medicine for children
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     Reiki is energy medicine. Reiki uses what we call the life force energy. This is the energy, (according to Eastern medicine), that is ever present in and around us. The life force energy is the energy that keeps us alive, that makes us breathe and that makes our hearts beat – it is within all living organisms on earth. No living organism can exist without it – it is the energy of life.


In energy medicine, symptoms and diseases are an expression of blocked life force energy. By positioning the hands on the body, the life force energy flows through the Reiki- healer to the child or parent, towards places where the energy is blocked. It flows where it is required and only for the highest good of the recipient.


It is well known that the body has self-healing abilities. Our cells are programmed for evolution, growth and therefore healing. You just have to look at a wound to witness how it heals by itself. Reiki supports, in a gentle way, the self-healing properties of the body. The body attains a state of deep relaxation which allows the processes required for healing to be initiated.


Reiki not only supports the physical body but also the mental/ cognitive body. Therefore it can be used to treat mental and emotional ailments as well as physical.