MerlinMerlina | Parents or carers
MerlinMerlina Integrative medicine for children
MerlinMerlina Integrative medicine for children
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Parents or carers

     Integrative medicine focusses on associated factors within the home such as lifestyle, history, environment and a child’s interaction with those closest to them for example parents, other family members and carers. As such parents and carers are encouraged to take an active part in the decision-making process regarding any treatment plan that is created for their child.

There may be related factors which may not only affect the child but also be giving rise to symptoms or complaints within the parents or carers. When required, I also offer consultations/ treatments for the parent(s)/ carers themselves on child related issues, so that these can be explored.

Here are a few examples of issues I can help you with but these are not limited to the following and there may be others, not listed below, that are concerning you:

MerlinMerlina Ster Is your child being bullied?

MerlinMerlina Ster Is your child often unwell?

MerlinMerlina Ster Does your child (still) have symptoms even after conventional treatments have been tried?

MerlinMerlina Ster Do you find it difficult to understand your child’s behaviour?

MerlinMerlina Ster Would you like to support your child more but don’t know how?

MerlinMerlina Ster Is your child very fearful?

MerlinMerlina Ster Is your child very (hyper) active?

MerlinMerlina Ster Is your child disabled?

MerlinMerlina Ster Does your child appear to be ‘different’?

MerlinMerlina Ster Do you argue a lot with your child; or as parents, with each other?

MerlinMerlina Ster Are you in the midst of a divorce or are already divorced and would like some help supporting your child through the process?

MerlinMerlina Ster Has a close relative or friend recently passed away or is very ill and you are not sure how to approach this with your child?

MerlinMerlina Ster Or: Would you like to be a parent yourself but it just hasn’t happened?

If there is anything concerning you regarding your own child, or in relation to having children of your own, please feel free to contact me in complete confidence. You can also take a look at the children’s page.