MerlinMerlina | Initial Consultation
MerlinMerlina Integrative medicine for children
MerlinMerlina Integrative medicine for children
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Initial Consultation

How it works

     The purpose of the initial consultation is to gain a better understanding of the child; their history, medical background and current situation.


As such the consultation will involve asking a series of questions relating to the issues, in order for me to be able to evaluate the situation. These may include asking about the child’s medical history and previous treatments, the family’s medical history and any issues that may have occurred during the mother’s pregnancy. The consultation will provide an opportunity for you to share your thoughts, worries and concerns as well as discussing yours and the child’s expectations (as it is important to determine if and how these can be met).

Where appropriate, (and with yours and your child’s permission) a medical examination can be provided, if required.


An evaluation will then take place with you and your child, to determine the best way forward and this may include a treatment plan.

Options are:

A further consultation for the specific issue
› Treatment(s) at MerlinMerlina
› Referral to a colleague in conventional medicine
› Referral to a colleague in complementary medicine
› No further consultation – if none required


Please note:

Treatments and referrals will only take place after permission has been granted by the parents or carer, (normally during the initial consultation process).

Permission is always sought first, prior to me contacting any colleague to arrange further consultation and prior to the exchange of private and confidential information. In my opinion, agreed collaboration between healthcare providers, is the essence of providing an effective, integrative approach to medicine.