MerlinMerlina | Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)
MerlinMerlina Integrative medicine for children
MerlinMerlina Integrative medicine for children
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     Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is a treatment that works on the cognitive level (the brain) as well as on the energetic level of our bodies. I refer to treatments.


EFT is based on the idea from the founder Gary Craig, that “the origin of every negative emotion is a disturbance of the energy system”.


The aim of EFT is to clear energy blockages that would otherwise lead to symptoms or diseases.

EFT uses the following techniques to achieve this:

  • By gently tapping on certain points of the body, EFT works directly on the energy paths of the body (also referred to as meridians in acupuncture).
  • By naming the sensations in the body, whilst tapping, EFT disconnects a stressful stimulus from the past from its current stress reaction within the body.
  • EFT also works on the cognitive level of the brain, to help alleviate repetitive negative thought patterns in a person. Negative thought patterns can create energy blockages that can lead to symptoms or disease. With EFT, using simultaneous feeling, tapping and naming; it is possible to break through these negative patterns. The brain is gently rewired into more positive and thus healthy thought patterns.

This multi-level approach, to help remove energy blocks, makes EFT a very effective treatment for all kinds of symptoms and diseases. It can relieve symptoms of the mind (for example fear) which in turns relieves the dis-ease of the body which in turn can literally result in the relief of the physical disease itself.